Caught stealing – Please don’t tell

More taboo and extreme than my usual vids so I hope you like! I borrow some clothes and makeup off my friend and my mum walks in to see me all dolled up after putting it on. I instantly get grounded and get very angry that she doesn’t understand. This isn’t even bad.. so maybe I should be bad. I put even more makeup on, dress as slutty as possible, and decide to go out and steal some chocolate from the corner shop. I am stuffing chocolates in my pants and stockings, when the manager sees me and drags me into the back room. I instantly get upset and beg him not to tell my parents… luckily he has other ideas. I gag and spit on his cock with my eyes streaming and makeup running, get fucked while my eyes are still tearing up, and take two huge facials while telling him what he wants to hear about me being a bad girl

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