Giffany GAME


This is my first ever fully playable game, based on a character from Gravity Falls – Giffany!! Crazy digital girlfriend just a less yandere and way more pornographic 

— FULLY PLAYABLE and interactive
— Button response options for conversation and actions
— Anal scenes!
— Choose from multiple oral scenes, sex positions, and more!
— Choose from 3 different cumshot endings
— Option to replay from the start of the bedroom scenes when the game ends, so you can go back and pick all the options you didn’t get to see!
— 1 hour of video content in total
— Like any game, you can download and play it whenever you like
— Conversation segments at the school and bedroom start scenes where you can respond to me and chat using the button options.
— You choose all options apart from couple where I glitch and take control.. because it’s no fun without Giffany going a little crazy and taking over 

Free extended teaser:

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