Impregnate your ex

You bump into your ex Evie in a coffee shop, which is a lovely surprise for me! It has been years and it’s nice to sit and catch up a bit with how life is going. Conversation gets onto partners (as we are now both married) and whether either of us have had kids yet, which reminds me of the pregnancy scare we had back when we were younger and dating. You admit to me that it had actually given you an impregnation fetish, which I find quite interesting and laughs remembering just how open you are! I suggest we head back to my house to catch up more as my husband won’t be home for a while. Things get heated pretty quickly as it seems we have really missed each other, lots of teasing, licking and sucking later you are inside me. I tease a bit about how I bet you want to cum in me to knock me up but you absolutely can’t! I remind you a few more times while fucking that you have to pull out and can’t finish inside me. But as I reach orgasm I am so horny that I change my mind, and want more than anything for you to fill me up, who cares if I get pregnant!

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