Your best friend’s daughter PART 2

It’s your birthday and you’ve gone out to the pub with your best friend, and had a few too many! He suggests you stay over in the spare room since there’s no way you can drive home. Just as you are about to doze off I sneak in and sit on the bed in front of you.. and you know what’s going to happen. I talk about how much I missed you and your hard cock, and how if we wanted to do something, my dad wouldn’t wake up (he is such a heavy sleeper) but either way it’s worth the risk. I tease with some upskirt flashing before stripping and sucking your cock.. you still refuse to fuck me as you think it’s too risky, so I make you watch as I play with a butt plug instead. Now I know you can’t resist me any longer, and I ride you until I cum. You then lie me on my back and fuck me nice and deep while I’m begging you to cum inside me…. – Tons of dirty talk about how my dad isasleep next door, lots of filthy details, I pretty much don’t stop talking >.< …… Also featuring some friction burn on me (you can kind of see how red and ouchie I am beside my pussy) but don’t worry I’m not properly hurt! Just fingered myself for waaaayyyy too long earlier in the day and actually managed to make myself red raw on the side where I was leant on my hand haha

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