Your best friend’s daughter

You arrive at your friends house to pick him up and head out to the pub, but you see me answer the door instead. I explain that my dad had to go out to a shop across town to get new ribbons for my ballet slippers, as I broke them and have a dance recital this evening. You suggest to just wait outside but I insist you come in since it’s cold, plus you can help me rehearse! I start with some stretches, and you awkwardly mention you can see my pussy under my skirt (woopsie, that definitely wasn’t intentional…) I even practice some of my jumps, where my skirt swirls around and bounces up flashing my pussy and ass. After a while I can’t take just teasing you, it’s not often I get a handsome older guy in the house all to myself, so I start to strip and demand to see your cock. Some licking and sucking later I know you can’t resist when I lie back and say you could help me with more stretches.. stretching my pussy out! It hardly fits with how tight I am but once I get used to the size you fuck me nice and hard until I cum. I hear a car pull up and can see through the window that my dad is in the driveway, you pull out in a panic but I grab you and push you back in, saying you just need to fuck me as fast as you can to fill me up with a hot load before he comes through the door.. which you oblige to

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