I’ve just released a fully playable game!!

This is something I have been working on for a while, and has finally been released!

The idea for this game character is from a series I love called Gravity Falls, where in one episode there is a digital girlfriend style game where ‘Giffany’ goes crazy and takes over. The game I made is a smidge less ‘yandere’ (love that word) though there are still some creepy glitches where I decide you can’t say no to certain options.. You think you’re going to deny me your cum? Hah, think again!

I spent a while making the sexy cosplay from scratch, then filming and putting everything together to make it a proper porn game!

The game is fully interactive with text button options for conversation and actions, where you decide what you see and what videos you then get to watch. It starts at Rhywiol Academy (Nod to my home there since rhywiol means sexy in Welsh) where I introduce myself and get chatting. Then we end up back at my place in the evening, where things get naughty!

There is an hour of video content in total which you can watch all of by replaying the game and selecting different options. This content includes two different strip tease scenes, blowjob, face fucking, face sitting, cowgirl fucking, reverse cowgirl, fucking me on my back, anal fingering, two different anal toy positions, and THREE cum shot endings to choose from. Once you have the game link and download it you can of course replay the game as many times as you want!
I even added an option to replay from the start of the bedroom scene once the game ends, in case you want to fuck again without having to chat me up again in the school scenes 😉

If you liked my previous EvieSim style games, this one is the real deal, and hopefully the first of many porn games I’ll get to make!!

Here’s a link to the teaser so you can see a bit more:

And here’s where you can buy the game:

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